Junior Leaders' Regiment RAC Conqueror Magazines 1956-1980 & 1986-1992

From the very first edition produced in the summer of 1956, these Journals of the Junior Leaders' Regiment RAC were published each summer up to 1980 and from 1986 to 1992 covering each preceding 12 month period. There were no editions published between 1981-1985 inclusive.

The journals give a great insight into all aspects of training for the boys serving in the Regiment and will bring back many memories of those bygone years. The quality of some of the early documents is understandably not as good as modern day magazine prints, however the original form of the documents has been reproduced accurately for easy reading. Where possible, quality permitting, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been applied for searching purposes.

For each DVD sold, the JLR RAC Old Boys' Association will donate £20 to The Tank Museum Archive & Reference Library to whom we are extremely grateful, for without their assistance and full co-operation in this project, the historic Conqueror Magazines would not have been digitised for distribution.

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